Master and specialist in Administrative Law. Lawyer. Certified Public Accountant. Professor at the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences at Universidad de Ibagué. Member of the Group of Studies of Economic Criminal Law (GEDPE) at Universidad de Ibagué. Active member of the Association of Certified Public Accountants of Colombia (CONPUCOL), with headquarters in Ibagué. Research line: Administrative law and non-contractual responsibility of the State.

Carlos F. Forero Hernández




Emeritus Researcher for Colciencias. Ph.D. in Law, graduated Summa cum laude. Master in Criminal Law and Criminology. Specialist in Financial Legislation, Criminal Law and Political Science. Lawyer. Member of the Colombian Academy of Jurisprudence, Branch Tolima; History of Tolima Academy; and the Institute of Procedural Law, Branch Ibagué. Member of the research group Zoon Politikon. Professor at Universidad de Ibagué. Postgraduate professor at international and national levels at the following universities: Externado de Colombia, Libre de Colombia, Pontificia Bolivariana de Medellín, and Santiago de Cali. He is the author of multiple works in the area of economic criminal law, and about life and works of legal experts from Tolima.

Hernando Antonio Hernández Quintero


Master's degree in Bioethics. Master's degree in Health Law and Bioethics. A specialist in Criminal Law and Economical Criminal Law. A lawyer. Associate Professor at the University of Tolima.

Inés Yohanna Pinzón Marín


Master and Specialist in Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure. He studied the update course in Legal Sciences with a Specialization in Criminal Law in Argentina. Lawyer. Professor at Universidad Juan de Castellanos (Tunja).

Sergio Andrés López Zamora


Master in Public Law. Specialist in Administrative and Constitutional Law, and State Contracting. Lawyer. Professor at Universidad Autónoma Latinoamericana UNAULA (Medellín).

Sergio Luis Mondragón Duarte


Master in International Relations. Specialist in Administrative Law. Lawyer. Secretary-General at Universidad del Tolima.

Juan Manuel Rodríguez Acevedo


Master in Law. Specialist in Criminal Procedural Law. Lawyer. Director of the Law program at Universidad del Tolima.

Nilson Fabián Castellanos Rodríguez



Pedro Elías Galindo León, Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Iokiñe Rodríguez Fernández, University of East Anglia

Adriana Otálora Buitrago, Universidad de La Salle

Eric Tremolada Álvarez, Universidad Externo de Colombia

Claudia Marcela Granados Vergara, Universidad de los Andes

Raquel Herrera Ferrer, Universidad de Ibagué

Ricardo Ángel Basílico, Juez de Cámara del Poder Judicial de la Nación Argentina